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New Record

We have officially begun the recording process of our upcoming full length. We are producing the entire CD ourselves and lucky for us the front hall of our new house has amazing acoustics, we set up Tim’s drums there and he’s been crushing song after song like usual. Getting the perfect drum sounds took some experimentation but after meticulous placement of our recently acquired Sennheiser mics we found all the sweet spots. From the entrance of our house we have a 75 foot cable that links the drum mics to Matts master studio so he can engineer the tracks from a far. Everything is sounding great, huge, deep, punchy, attack driven and all sorts of other adjectives you use for drum sounds that are made in heaven but have been through hell. We are above and beyond excited to have started the recording process and we can already say with confidence that this will be the best Our Last Night record ever created. Everything is there, so get ready. It’s the perfect representation of our evolution. Drums will be done this week. More info to come…

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